3 simple ways to stay inspired, motivated as an entrepreneur

Roller-coaster like mood swing is weekly routine for an entrepreneur, it’s inevitable to sometime feel being on top of the world when things move forward smoothly, other times feel miserable when things move backward or stay stale. Even having a cofounder could not entirely remove the feeling of being lonesome worrier: So it’s especially important to remain a focus on our vision, remain in control of our own mood.

1.Early morning 20 minutes meditation
Lately I have been reading a bit history about Bruce Lee. And started a morning meditation session of 20 minutes. I would wake up to the morning sun and open up the window to breath in the fresh air, and surround myself with the soothing sign of green tree leaves outside my window, pleasant birds’ tweets. I don’t have any particular techniques of meditation, just simply sit there, breath slowly. Instead of keeping my mind blank, I take this opportunity to repeat my entrepreneurial vision, purify it in my head. I don’t think of any specifics of my startup project. I find it helpful to “don’t think, feel it — Bruce Lee, Into the dragon”. It helps me to focus on the graduer vision, strengthen the foundation of my belief. Hence, stay motivated.

2.Read to be inspired
There are so many moments throughout the day that I feel:”if there is a magic force helping me and put my site or product in front of millions people…”, that will never happen before we create real value for other people. Alexis Ohanian, the fun loving reddit founder once said: you have created an awesome product, why not make the marketing of it fun for your customer”. SEO is important, email marketing is important, PR is important, event is important, tweets are important…ONLY AFTER we create value. Otherwise, users will come, and GO.

Out of desperation, I pulled out the facebook feed from my favorite brands. Today I encountered an airbnb’s post


A simple video, isn’t it? Besides being interesting, it also makes me think. People crave for inspiration. Give people what they crave and everything else will follow.

After the meditation, after seeking out and getting inspired, our mind is more stimulated and smitten. The last thing we want is to forgo all that excitements and inspirations and feeling trapped by mundanity again. So it’s important to transcend what we have taken in and digest it, turn it into the nutritional source for our mind and mentality.

I am trying to do all these on daily basis and whenever I find myself doing “marketing gimmick” trying to get “traffic”, I will remind myself with all these efforts I have put in and try to be a better person than someone who sells gimmick.