Complete list of airbnb like startups in sharing economy

Take a virtual tour of the fancy Airbnb HQ located in Soma, San Francisco.

I say complete, you say comprehensive. Either way, let’s have a look at all the startups in the “sharing economy”, which has a newly minted term “collaborative consumption”.

Newly added
1. peer to peer buying/selling women’s fashion stuff, started by a few alumni.
2. let you swap old things for items you really want, in europe only
3. a social marketplace for real-time advice that helps users to buy and sell expert advice via multi-media chat on multiple social platforms
4. is a talent marketplace where you can find and connect with influential and exceptionally skilled people­
5. supports retirees to package their passions or skills into activities to share with the rest of the world

Classic sharing sites airbnb for selling stuff you make/have airbnb for teaching nearby community supported agriculture farms (CSAs), offering the public farm “shares”, usually in the form of boxes of vegetables.
Any airbnb for nannies? airbnb for scientific research, it allows scientists to outsource elements of their lab work (fact: phds outsize faculty positions by a factor of 10),,, airbnb for personal vehicle rental airbnb for taxi service, Exec (iphone app), airbnb for errand hirings;, airbnb for dogs lovers/owners, airbnb for bike lovers, airbnb for bikes, airbnb for office space
YourMechanic, upcoming service, airbnb for car repairing, airbnb for ride share airbnb for stuff u want to borrow or rent airbnb for office space airbnb for working space airbnb for event venues airbnb for short term vacation housing (sounds more like high end copy cat of airbnb) airbnb for vehicle rental (cars, bikes, boats etc.) airbnb for like-new cloth rental, I heard they started with baby cloth rental. peer to peer microlending an airbnb for tools an airbnb for “stuff” rental airbnb for your stuff rental with your friends rent anything online snap up stuff as it sounds like peer to peer rent anything

Travel seems to be filled with airbnb types: kayak for airbnb style traveling is the biggest “activities organized by real people” site. airbnb for local tour/activity guide, associated with ex-NFL star Darren Goodson airbnb for travel hop, associated with Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg sharing real world activities one of the first “airbnb for travel experiences” that I knew of. cashless exchange among people

So is parking space sharing
Parkme (mobile app) (cofounded by William Clay “Bill” Ford Jr., the great-grandson of Henry Ford (and Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company) (old school, launched in 2006)

Ride sharing has ton of interesting entries, Quora has in depth detail on this on campus car sharing with hardware gear, it’s started from Stanford campus in 2011; it’s similar to getaround but more niche play. They just got $14 million funding.
catchalift (Australia)

European ride share sites:
liftshare (UK) (french site, pretty big traffic), airbnb competitor in UK, just acquired by airbnb, airbnb copycat in europe, Chinese copycat partially produced by wimdu guys tries to “consolidate” your sharing credit in one place to make your reputation mobile across the web. Great idea.

See any interesting article about webstartup attacking offline opportunities

  • Daniel Cole

    don’t forget ToolSpinner launching this month, parkcirca & parkingpanda for parking.

    • grant

      Just added! Thanks!

      • Daniel Cole

        Thanks Grant. We’re pushing our site live this weekend, stay tuned.


    You missed, the largest carpooling network with over 3.6million registered users.

    • grant

      Just added, thanks! In fact I am adding a bunch of ride sharing startups!

  • Christopher Jaeger

    check out where you can rent anything from anyone safely and securely.

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  • chrisco

    Looks like the “Collaborative Consumption” Google Alert crew is out in force. Speaking of CC, I wish someone would come up with a better name than “Collaborative Consumption.” That term is terrible. Why? The essence of the trend is about (A) using existing resources more efficiently, (B) getting more done with less (or the same), (C) and doing it in a manner that is win-win-win for the people doing the sharing and for at least one other person or group of people, up to and including everybody in the case of sharing that results less pollution or traffic, etc. So the trend is about sharing. The word “consuming” gives the opposite connotation. Also just saying “Collaborative Consumption” sucks. It’s a five-syllable word that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue paired with a three-syllable word. That’s eight syllables over two words, both of which start with the same letter/sound. Not nice at all. Terrible, in fact.

    • grant

      Love google alerts! And thanks for the deep dive on “CC”!

  • Emilie

    There’s also Vayable, thredUP, and Fun2Rent…..

    • grant

      Hi Eimilie, how can I forgot vayable and thredUP! Just added all three, How big is fun2rent?

  • GuideHop

    Thanks for including GuideHop :)

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  • A Moi La France

    Think about ;)
    The only one providing all property types of vacation rentals in France. Villas, apartments, self-catering cottages for rent in french countryside, beach front, mountain, cities …

  • shareddesks

    Thank you for mentioning us :-)

    • grant

      How’s it going so far? love the design.

      • shareddesks

        Hi Grant,

        it’s going well, and so far we have received a quite positive feedback from our user, and we are close to our beta version launch (should be online in a month or so..): let’s see what happens ;-)

        Thank you

  • John

    Really in-depth article, just the stuff I was looking for. Sharing economy is one of the biggest shifters of this decade and AirBnB is class example how to do it right

  • Henry

    TakeLessons – Airbnb for private lessons

    • grant

      This is a good one! Thanks! (the list is 2 years old)